I Used to Be So Sure

by My Brother: The Ocean

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    My Brother: The Ocean's - I Used to Be So Sure EP

    1. Not the Sun
    2. Modern Living
    3. Reap
    4. Hollywood
    5. It's All Falling Apart

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released August 28, 2016

Mattie Washburn- Vocals
Stephen Washburn- Guitar
Andrew Arvin- Bass Guitar
Michael Sudduth- Drums
Matthew Borders - Additional Vocals



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Creek Mud Records Panama City, Florida

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Track Name: Not the Sun
I walked away
because I thought I couldn't handle the weight
my muscles as strong as my patience
and my patience is wearing thin

I can't go on pretending to be Atlas
with the world sitting on my shoulders
while it constantly revolves around you

you're not as bright as the sun

You're the light at the end of the tunnel
You're the train roaring on the track
And my death is coming soon
Only distance is bridging the gap

Sometimes I'm afraid of what you might tell me
Sometimes I fear what I still lack
But I know with certainty that one day
the weight of the world will roll of my back
And I'll shrug my shoulders
and remove this boulder
and get on with life
and move forward
Track Name: Modern Living
The phone rings at 2:09 at night
or is it 3 in the morning
I never can tell
after I leave town it never sets back right

and so I stay up overthinking everything
that comes to my head til I fall back to sleep
9 o'clock and I wake back up

Same shower
same car
same roads to work

Should i still sing the same old songs
that I wrote out of highschool
about a girl and feelings
that are gone

is it healthy to cling to the past
with the future right in front of my face
will I ever find my place

is it healthy to cling to the past
with the future right in front of my face
will I ever feel like I belong

7 O'clock
shifts over
Same car
Same road
Same shower

And the coffee and house are cold
and the bed calls my name with the same old refrain

don't worry
don't think
just sleep it off
Morning comes and the problems subside

but they don't go away
they come back to haunt me at night
but they don't go away
they come back every (every night)

Old and gray again
(they come back every night)
what if the end's closer than we intend
(they haunt me every night)

Old and gray again
(every night)
What if the end's closer than we intend

What if you need me more than i need you
I need you
Track Name: Reap
Not narcisistic or self obssessed
More or less I'd say I'm stressed
In fact I'm teriffied
I should have never said I'm fine

Always the right place, but never the right time
I was the moon and you were the daylight
Non-essential to you,
you were the one who brought me life

Always thought everything had a place
It wasn't love if it didn't bring pain
I thought that you could save
Lust made me to it's slave

Death came to me last night in a dream
grasping my hand, took me to a field
asked me to plant the seeds
and tend to all their needs

I never wanted anything more
than I wanted to not be this man

But there's no way to fix the past
when it's happened it's happened
it's over and done
I am truly the sum of my parts
and I'm digging a greater (w)hole

Broken heart from a broken home
withered in sunlight and drowned in the rain
the mirror image of the blood that runs through me
the blood in my father's veins

How can you measure the good of a man
Are my father's sins my own?
My attempts of creation are meaningless
How much dissonance makes a seed grow?
Track Name: Hollywood
So we blast off into this abyss of life
that we've known forever
we wake up and realize
everything we've lived's a lie
and everyone's been watching us
the good, the bad, to their disgust
and we've been made to live in their sick, filthy little game

They set me up as a leader
not realizing I'm a sheep
being sent to the slaughter
and they're all following me

into death
to their demise
into torture
into the hurricane's eye

Hollywood has a hold on me
for the rest of my life I'll be dying to be free
Hollywood has a hold on me
All of my life I've been a puppet on their string

From the silver screen I'm controlled by the serpent king
The ruler of hollywood, he's quietly strangling me
as this boa constrictor makes the dark come quicker
the last thing I see are the pigs and goats approaching

Oh god

The animals are all lined up
Track Name: It's All Falling Apart
The closer I come to the future
the further i seem to be slipping away
the shining light at the end of the tunnel Is growing darker every day

I'm reaching out but there is nothing
Only voices of cattle watching me fall
I've reached the end with no way back
until I find the truth

It's all falling apart